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Salted Fatheads

Salted Fatheads

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*Due to a large quantity of orders this summer, we are shipping in the range of 7-10 after the order is placed. Please either leave the notes or email ryan@minnesotabaitandtackle.com.com if you place an order when you are leaving for your trip so we can confirm we can get them out to meet your deadline. Thanks for your patience.

Fish Lake Bait Shop's famous salted frozen minnows are prepared with our own special recipe that is unique from any other. The main difference is we first remove all water that is normally released during the salting process, which makes the minnows generally mushy and fills the bags with slimy water. Fish Lake Bait Shop's minnows however are dry, firm and do not fall apart while in the bag or during fishing. All minnows are vacuum sealed, salted and frozen for optimum lifetime. The salting process not only makes these minnows legal to take into Canada, but also (just like bass lures and other plastics that are salted) gives them scent that a fish can't resist. Stop overspending for live minnows that are expensive and die when often our salted minnows will outperform any live bait available. Very popular in Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake and River and Canada. All salted minnows are shipped in an insulated cooler (a $10 value) and instructions for keeping them fresh for years. Approximately 25 dozen fatheads per quarter gallon.

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